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Case Studies - Prince Henry's Grammar School

The Brief



The Academy met with Prince Henry’s Grammar School (PHGS) in Otley in early June to discuss how to bring the sport to the school. It was decided that The Academy would coach year 10 and 11 pupils in PE classes throughout November and December. PHGS has a strong Rugby set up; it is the base for the Carnegie Rugby Union Academy and has recently had three pupils represent England. The Academy were excited to work with the school and to see particularly, how the rugby minded pupils would take to the sport.


The Solution



The Academy delivered 8 hours of sessions a week to 84 pupils (each receiving 2 hours of coaching), with the sessions focussing on the fundamentals of the sport and Flag Football . After a few weeks, the pupils and PE teachers were keen to progress onto contact so The Academy shipped full-contact equipment to the school and introduced participants to fundamental tackling and blocking techniques. The pupils, clearly very capable, rapidly learnt the safe and correct techniques, thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and expressed a grwat interest in continuing to learn the sport.

Overall, The Academy delivered 56 hours of coaching to 84 pupils (both male and female). The School were keen to continue to offer the sport after a very successful term so it was decided that an after-school club would run twice a week from January 2014 onwards. The coaches are looking forward to developing participants and progressing onto both Flag and full-contact fixtures against other schools.


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