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‘Why I play American Football, why you should too...'

By Lysander Nation (view Lysander's profile)

American Football is a great way of developing life skills for both adults and children. If you are not fully prepared or you lose concentration for even a second, you can lose a game. But for me American Football is more than a ‘game’, it’s a way of life. The lessons it teaches will stay with you, the friends you make will be there forever and the sacrifices you make for your team will be remembered.

I got involved with the Academy to give young people the chance to try a sport were opportunities can be limited. In its Infancy the Academy has already helped develop the sport, so I am excited to see its impact in 5 years time; every week the coaches are growing and learning better coaching techniques to help the delivery of our classes. If you decide to get involved in American Football we can promise you that we can grow you as a player and a person no matter what level you come to us at. If someone comes to us with not much athletic ability, but a keen mind and a will to improve, we will have all the time in the world for that individual.

I have been coached by a lot of great coaches in the British game due to my time at Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie and the Yorkshire Rams so I feel that I owe it to young people to deliver the same high level coaching that I have received. I play American Football weekly and the sport rapidly became a huge part of my University life. If I’m not representing my University, you will find me either coaching, studying or in the gym…and occasionally going for a few drinks with my friends from the team!

Coach Lysander Nation

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