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The 5 NFL players I would pick for a Flag American Football Team

Having read Mike and Will's blogs on their ideal flag team assembled from current NFL players, Academy youth player, Tom Ritchie has offered his thoughts on who he would pick.

By Tom Ritchie

My NFL flag American Football team:

1. Quarterback - Peyton Manning

A quarterback is the key to any team winning whether it's flag football or the NFL. So why not have the best QB in the league in the team?


2. Adrian Peterson - Running back

The plays used most in flag American football are running plays. So you need a quality running back to be successful. And if you need a quality running back, Adrian Peterson is what you need.


3. Dri Archer - Wide reciever/Safety

Ran a 4.26 40 yard dash. Enough said.

4. Patrick Peterson - Wide reciever/Cornerback

A quality all-round athlete especially on the defensive side. He can run catch and tackle(and hopefully rip flags off players). Would be very useful not only on defence but also on offence.


5. Jadeveon Clowney - Wide receiver/Linebacker

What a player. He has speed and strength. He is just a beast. He can rush the QB all day long.


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