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5 NFL players for a Flag American Football team - part 5

By Dale Bottomley

It’s my turn to weigh in on the debate, after much stalling, as to which NFL players would be best suited to a flag American Football team. Having read the suggestions given by Coach Cluskey, Coach Babbington and youth players Tom and Eliot, I am left with two choices: 1. pick players they already have or 2. throw some curveballs. I’ll let you decide which path I have chosen…

Russell Wilson - Quarterback/Safety

Not yet chosen by any body else, somewhat surprising given he is a Super Bowl winning QB and the all round athlete he is (he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2010 MLB draft and played 32 games). Wilson would make an excellent flag American Football player both on O and D due to his athletic ability and excellent leadership skills (oh, and he can pass quite well too).


Desean Jackson - Running back/Receiver/Cornerback

Lightning speed and a proven playmaker. Jackson would be excel as a RB/WR in an flag American Football team. A lot of people have spoken so far about 40-yard dash speed. I don’t read too much into that, I judge a player by his speed on the field and ability to make plays. See the below video…that is all (this one is for Will and Eliot, both Giants fans):

AJ Green - Receiver/Running back/Corner back

Very similar to Desean Jackson, he has excellent speed and agility along with a very safe pair of hands.


JJ Watt - Receiver/Safety

JJ Watt is a warrior and fierce competitor so I would have on my team in a heartbeat. His Texans team haven’t had much success lately so Watt is angry and hungry (hangry) for wins. You don't want to play a hangry JJ Watt. His nickname? The Milkman - as he aways delivers, and that's exactly what I'd want from one of my players.

Vince WIlfork - Centre/Quarterback/Linebacker

Wilfork is absolutely enormous. I have chosen him for two reasons (mainly for the first of the two): 1. opposing QBs would only be able to see approximately 40-45% of the field when Wiilfork is anywhere within 10 yards in front of them (this is an entirely scientific calculation, trust me), 2. he has more picks in the NFL than many other NFL players (I’ll let you work out how many…), here’s one of them:


1. Russell Wilson, 2. Desean Jackson, 3. AJ Green, 4. JJ Watt, 5. Vince Wilfork

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